Friday, April 2, 2010

Vitamix to the rescue

I am not going to lie. Today I was not in the best mood. Although I got up and put on my exercise clothes and did my closet yoga and later a kind of feeble attempt at exercising, I didn't actually get showered and ready until about 4 pm. It just seems like when I get out of sync then I struggle the whole day. BLAAAAAA! Anyway, when I feel kind of depressed, there are usually two options--shopping or eating something unhealthy.

After visiting Court and while driving home, the magnetic pull to Nelson's frozen custard was getting a strong grip on my car. I have to say that some frozen custard a week ago was the only actual sugar dessert I have had since I made the committed to cut down on sugar. Luckily I remembered that the after affects of eating that fatty, sugar dessert wasn't as appealing, and so I took a firm grip of the steering wheel and pulled my car towards home instead. TOUCHDOWN!

My desire to have something sweet was still with me and so my trusty Vitamix came to the rescue. I threw in some frozen strawberries, frozen blackberries, fresh pineapple, banana, and kale and blended a sherbet-like treat that was free from any added sugar or juice and very delicious. In case you aren't familiar with kale, it is a green leafy vegetable that is considered to be a highly nutritious with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Kale is very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin (whatever the heck that is), and reasonably rich in calcium. It has potent anti-cancer properties especially when chopped. I find that adding a few large leaves to a fruit smoothie in the Vitamix isn't even noticeable but yet adds nutrients and lowers the glycemic index. Not only did the smoothie satisfy that sweet tooth but it lifted my spirits and gave me renewed, lasting energy--something that frozen custard wouldn't have done.

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Craig and Sharelle said...

Sister Garn, I found your blog through a friend's and just want you to know that we are thinking about you and hoping that you and your family are doing well. I don't even know if you remember us, but we were in the student ward for awhile and really appreciate you and bishop.