Friday, April 16, 2010

Revolving door syndrome

Our baby graduated from high school last year and was going off to college in the Fall. We were starting to feel so sad that all our little chicks were leaving the nest and worried that our home would feel lonely.

Well...before our baby went off to college, our other daughter, her husband and baby moved up from Las Vegas and while deciding where to live, they stayed with us for several months. Two weeks after they moved out, another son, his wife and four children moved in and stayed almost 4 months. Today they moved out but yesterday another son, his wife and two children moved in and will stay with us for at least 4 months until their house is built. Another son also moved back home from South Korea and is staying here until his next move.

No empty nest syndrome for us. We just have the revolving door syndrome but it is perfect because their dad and I have really enjoyed having them close, especially for this last month. It continues to amaze me how life just miraculously works out. It is very healing having our little chicks back in the nest.

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