Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rule Keeper

I was born a rule keeper. Although it is fairly easy for me to keep most rules, I find that with that "gift" to keep the rules can come a greater sin.

For example, even before President Hinckley cautioned against extra body piercings, I already felt like more than one piercing was "wrong" and therefore that rule was very easy for me to keep. My self righteousness was growing out of control and my arm hurt from patting myself on the back! Then I realized that after congratulating myself, I started to break a more important rule and that was to not judge someone else who struggled with rule keeping and broke that "important" rule.

Although I do believe that it is important to follow rules based on correct principles and to treat my body with respect, what I have come to discover is that for me the suggestion to only have one piercing per ear really became my test to see if I would judge someone else. I have come to know that any commandment is just for me to do my own self assessment and compliance and then especially if that commandment is easy for me, to make certain that I am not condemning someone else who might struggle.

It has been interesting for me to realize that some of the "rule breakers' in my life also seem more compassionate and understanding. Maybe being a natural rule keeper is really a curse because it creates judgment instead of compassion and acceptance. That is why Christ condemned the Pharisees who were natural rule keepers but who judged others. I am working on still being an important rule keeper but keeping the biggest rule of all--to just love and accept people, no matter what.

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Steph said...

We are definitely kindred spirits, this has been something that I have struggled with since I was younger too because I was also "born a rule-keeper" :) Thanks for the great reminder of what I should be constantly working towards, I love your blog!