Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sugar Addiction Strikes Again

I went off most sugar desserts a couple of months ago and within one month lost almost 10 pounds. Every once in awhile I have a little sugar treat and I was able to maintain the weight loss while keeping, for the most part, my 10 commandments for eating. The other night when we were out to dinner with friends, since they got a dessert to share; we decided to also and I ate more of it than I have been letting myself. I didn't think it was a problem the next morning when my weight was still under control but then later I realized (once again) that limiting sugar isn't just about weight but about how I feel.

That morning when I went on a hike, I discovered that my knees hurt more than they ever had before, and immediately I knew it was because of the sugar. I resolved right then to continue to be careful with how much sugar I consume and then right in the middle of the hiking trail was a piece of red licorice. What, does the devil know what to tempt me with at just the right moment? Don't think that I wouldn't have picked up that licorice and ate it (assuming all the while that it was under the two minute limit), but because I had just had that realization and made a firm resolve, I hiked right over it (okay you got me, I was secretly hoping it would still be there on the way back down but it wasn't. Someone else is also addicted to red licorice and got it first.)

Yesterday I once again fought the sugar battle when my daughter-in-law requested a chocolate cake for her birthday celebration for our family dinner today so I bought a decadent cake from Market Street Broiler and then since that wasn't enough sugar, I made homemade banana ice cream and I caved in and ate more than I should have.

I just drank a full glass of water and resolve to get back on track right now. If I say "I will start eating healthy tomorrow", then there is that chance that tomorrow I will again say "I will start eating healthy tomorrow" and essential tomorrow will never come.

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Sawyer Garn said...

Sorry I added to your sugar temptation, but that cake was SOOO delicious! Thanks!!!