Monday, March 30, 2015

Words are powerful

While I hike in the mountains alone, I have thoughts that seem to be a little whisper from someone watching out for me and offering guidance. It isn't always a complete sentence that comes to me but just one word. The word "momentum" came to me. Alma 32:41 tells us to nurture the the word, which is the word of God found in the scriptures. I have to believe while I was hiking, I was also offered a word.  Not only does sustaining momentum help with hiking, it is a catalyst for other worthy endeavors. I actually started this blog with the theme of being at a turtle's pace. Momentum has a lot to do with how the turtle handled the race. The hare went fast and furiously and then stopped. Momentum is key. I want to keep the momentum.  

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Food Babe

I finished reading the Food Babe Way and I am a convert. For me changing habits is a baby step process that doesn't include moving in with my psychiatrist (What About Bob movie is awesome). Reading this book has been one more small step for me but one giant leap for my health. (Thanks Neil Armstrong for the suggestion). Have you noticed how my mind flips through that file of random quotes. I just had to throw that all in to document that there still is something stored in my brain even though most of it is useless--until now.

Anyway, this book inspired me to move to the next level in my quest for healthy eating. I just got through stocking my pantry and alphabetizing my new organic spices (OCD reins strong) so that I can now keep my commitment to cook more at home with wholesome, toxin-free ingredients. It felt good to have all new spices. Let's face it, some of the spices were probably left over from the old bridal showers that we use to give when we played the "name that spice" game. We were party animals.