Thursday, April 22, 2010

Benefits of Sweating

I've decided that all the five dimensions of my life deserve a good cleansing, and I am starting with my physical body. One of the ways to cleanse is by sweating. Now it seems that there is a sort of stigma towards sweating. I think it started in junior high days with all the anxiety of those dances and the fear of having to rub sweaty hands together. Not what you would call a tender, romantic experience; but after extensive therapy and 40 years of recovery time since junior high, I have finally come to recognize the value of sweating and I now love to sweat. Now every morning when I work out, I love to be drenched in perspiration.

I have learned that "deep sweating helps the body cleanse itself and replace older dead cells. Sweat clears bacteria out of surface layers of the skin and from the sweat ducts. The process of sweating also helps improve circulation from the blood vessels dilating, and gives the skin a fresh look and feel (Too bad aging cancels that out!). It also helps to remove a small amount of toxins from our body, such as urea, nickel, excess zinc, ammonia, and other minerals and chemicals our body might have absorbed from the environment or from food or drink we've ingested."

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