Monday, April 19, 2010

Queen for the Day

I realize I am dating myself here (obviously from this actual photo), but years ago there was a TV program on called "Queen For The Day." The whole idea for the show was to have women on who would share their hard luck stories and then the audience would vote via an applause meter on who had it the most difficult. The winner would then be crowned Queen for the Day and win a prize that had to do with something that would relieve her suffering.

I've got to be honest here and admit that I have often been guilty of vying for that covenant title. I like to call it the Mormon Martyr for the Day, and to get this special award I have had to have it worse than anyone else. The most children and the closest together, the least amount of sleep, the most laundry, the hardest church calling, etc. You give me a problem and I have to one up you in order to win!! You've got a hang nail, well I've got scurvy.

I have felt like I have become a big winner in the hardship department, but the biggest problem with this contest is that I haven't gotten a crown and I haven't won a newspaper publishing company so that I can publish my own nice news.

All kidding aside, sometimes I realize that drama can become somewhat of a sick comfort zone and thus a habit in order to feel like a winner. Now I don't want to win or lose. I will stop competing and just find my own personal happiness and peace, and pretend that I am wearing an invisible crown.

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