Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Newspaper intrigue

When I remember to do so, I will pray right before reading the scriptures that I will read something that will be important for me that day. This morning I read in Alma 53 and verse 8-9 became important insight. The idea presented in that verse was about how intrigue had caused dissension among the Nephite people.

Yesterday I jokingly mentioned going through shock therapy, but in essence that is exactly what I have gone through this last month. What I have been shocked into realizing is that I must guard against a kind of intrigue that creates an unhealthy interest and curiosity in the negative aspects of people’s private lives knowing that it can create dangerous circumstances in which the adversary can get an upper hand.

I have a new sympathy for people that are slammed in tabloids with intriguing stories that create dissensions and ultimately do a lot of damage. I use to be guilty of reading the covers of tabloids and magazines while standing in the line of the grocery store. NOT ANY MORE. It took some shock therapy but I am cured and I'm sticking with just reading the Readers Digest cover, or I'll just scan the candy shelf from now on while in the grocery line.

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Lanae said...

Are things getting any better? I hope so. I enjoy reading your blogs. It made me motivated to work on mine. Thanks for sharing and your wonderful sense of humor (that you still have). :D