Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mind Over Mattress

While I was in high school I read the book by Stephen R. Covey "The Spiritual Roots of Human Relations." It was my very first self-help book and it made a big impression on me (just an impression but didn't actually improve me--I still need lots of help). Anyway, I remember his discussion about the three temptations of Christ and how they relate to the temptations we face. The first temptation is of the flesh, which include food and sleep.

I have long fought the mind versus mattress battle, and I have certainly learned the value of overcoming the temptation of sleeping in. I especially found it useful when I had young children to get up early and be one step ahead of them instead dragging myself out of bed after them and then resentfully lumbering one step behind them for the rest of the day in fuzzy slippers and a ragged bathrobe (you get the picture). I have also learned that sleeping in on the weekends just creates a sort of jet lag feeling when I have to re-adjust for the week days.

For me sleeping in just has never been worth it because it actually feels more tiring and exhausting. Now my struggle is getting to bed early enough to get the beauty rest that I desperately need but obviously aren't getting. Trust me, if I got more sleep I would look like Demi Moore.


Lisa said...

When I taught early morning seminary, I told my students: "You can sleep when you're dead". Words to live by!

Anonymous said...

They were running quite a dray, bringing my new mattress and Grace's trunk. Grace went on a horseback ride this afternoon. I remodeled a last summer's dress and did other odd jobs, crocheting.