Saturday, June 30, 2012

Winter Garden

I just finished reading this book late last night. I read a lot of human development and psychology books and my book collection rivals any psychologist's library, but I am committed to reading more novels. The interesting thing is that not only am I entertained and transformed to a different place and time, but I also come away feeling like I have also learned about human behavior because it is always interwoven in the story line. I not only get an education about human behavior but the historical aspect is also compelling. I marvel at how much research goes into a good novel and appreciate the variety of ways that I can be educated while being entertained. I would highly recommend this book and invite my friends to sign up for Good Reads where we can share what we have read.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Pity Party

I have had so many pity parties in my life that I should become a caterer. The truth is I can whine or I can do something about it. I want to choose to do something about it.

Take for instance, the heat of summer. I don't like it when it gets too hot. I guess I had better live a good life because hell will be too hot for me.

With that said, I can either whine about the heat or I can creatively problem solve. It hit me that what I use to think of as a curse is really a blessing in disguise. If you don't want too much information, STOP READING NOW.

Okay now I know you have an inquiring mind, so... It's no secret that I am still waiting to develop into a woman and the only reason I need to wear a bra is for the padding. So, the good news is, I have discovered how much cooler it is when I don't wear a bra and just rely on my religious undergarments to be my underclothing. Nothing shows anyway.  Wow, I am liberated not just as a woman but I am liberated from the heat. Couple that with a skirt and the heat is a lot easier to tolerate. Who knew!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When Nice isn't Nice

  • Repeatedly bailing them out - of jail, financial problems, other "tight spots" they get themselves into
  • Giving them "one more chance" - ...then another...and another
  • Ignoring the problem - because they get defensive when you bring it up or your hope that it will magically go away
  • Joining them in the behavior when you know they have a problem with it
  • Joining them in blaming others - for their own feelings, problems, and misfortunes
  • Accepting their justifications, excuses and rationalizations
  • Avoiding problems - keeping the peace, believing a lack of conflict will help
  • Doing for them what they should be able to do for themselves
  • Softening or removing the natural consequences of the problem behavior
  • Trying to "fix" them or their problem
  • Repeatedly coming to the "Rescue"
  • Trying to control them or their problem
My walking friends and I were talking about when being nice just isn't nice, and I found this great list of ways that what we might think is being nice that actually hurt instead because it enables people to be stuck in destructive behavior. The greatest cure is love but love often has to be tough and speak the truth. The truth might not seem nice but it is the best help.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Starting Over

I was reading a little thing about ways to be healthier and it said that if you have been eating unhealthy and want to start over to just drink a big cleansing glass of water.  Even if I keep veering off from my healthy eating habits, at least I get a lot of water when I start over. I'm glad I get to start over not only physically but spiritually, emotionally, socially, and mentally. Grateful all the people in my life have a lot of patience with me.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's weird sometimes how stars just seem to line up.  In this case, maybe it isn't a big enough deal to refer to it as stars.  Maybe just flashlights. Anyway, when I was watching my 7-year-old grandson make pancakes and he at first asked me to pour the batter onto the grill but then took the plunge and did it himself, I realized that he was learning by the first mistake of pouring too close to the edge. It came to me that being a perfectionist (recovering, sort of) that I was sometimes afraid to let my kids do something that might lead to a mistake. But watching my grandson this morning taught me that mistakes are a great way to learn, maybe the only way. T

After my grandkids left and I had my relaxing moment visiting pinterest. I found a pin from a friend about this children's book. Timely. Being too impatient to wait and visit a bookstore, I downloaded it on my ipad. It is a great book with a great message. Life is a lot more fun if we aren't worried about mistakes. Teaching that to my children and grandchildren is easier if I embrace that for myself. Using a mistake as an opportunity to learn rather than a stick to beat myself with is the best way to relax and enjoy life rather than fearing a mistake. I love to learn but I don't relish being abused.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Downton Abbey

I love this show mainly because I use to think I was lazy if I hired help.  Now I realize I am giving people a job.  How nice of me.  I am just baffled by how long I have gone dressing myself.  I am going to hire someone to do that and insist they call me "Me Lady."  The problem is they will never know what time to actually get me ready. Could be 6 am, could be noon, might even be 3 pm. 

The bells in the movie do remind me of living in the Chi Omega house and ringing the bell at dinner to summons Chuck to serve us. Chuck was our house boy from a local fraternity. Everyone needs a house boy. Why I got married and left that set up, I will never know!  (A little side note. For most of the time Chuck worked there, he had long, scraggly hair; but one day he showed up with a handsome haircut revealing how good looking he was. We started ringing the bell more often!)

Whoops, I got a little sidetracked with college memories. Seriously, I love this period piece because I enjoy being placed in another place in time and learning about history.  The show also demonstrates how much we can buy into traditions that need to be questioned and possibly changed.  The tradition of a male-dominate society in which daughters couldn't inherit the title and money is crazy.  Even a guy to inherit an unearned title is weird. How many of our traditions that we embrace right now will seem equally bizarre in the future? Like boys wearing their pants below their butts. Wait, that already seems weird.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Late last night I was reading CNN news and came across the story of the bus monitor being bullied. I watched what happened and then read some of the comments. It was incredibly sad and disturbing to see the boys treat someone like they did, but I have to say that not only did the boys that bullied and taunted her seem to lack compassion, but also the comments about the boys on this news story lacked compassion. Nothing would ever ever justify their behavior but to turn around and bully and taunt them seems so brutal. I felt a great deal of compassion all the way around and realize that often those that are so cruel have been lacking in feeling real genuine love themselves and are just giving out the only thing they know. The only way to break that vicious cycle is with love and compassion. Loving the sinner but hating the sin.

Doing a google image search on the word compassion restored my faith in people and their ability to love. I saw pictures that moved me to tears and to want to act more compassionately. Because the pictures I find usually come from a blog post about that word, I have been reading some inspirational writing. There are so many good people out there that are contributing so much that is enlightening. It seems the negative and bitter people are writing hateful comments on news stories but there are amazing people writing in countless blogs, and today I was especially grateful to read about and be motivated by the compassionate people. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Self Indulgent

I have felt a little self indulgent lately (yes, that includes shopping) and am fighting these feelings of guilt. I know that it always is more fulfilling to spend time with family, learn, work, and serve, but some days I just want to frivolously shop a little all by myself. I am still not sure if I feel guilty because I am suppose to or if I have just conditioned myself to feel guilt because of a learned aversion to being too worldly or good to myself. I will try and figure it out going from store to store. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is it Breakfast or Dessert?

I am determined to get back to healthy eating. This morning I cooked one egg with chopped broccoli and a touch of mozzarella cheese. It tasted so good and felt so healthy that I decided I wanted to incorporate more vegetables into my breakfasts. I then wondered why there are so many breakfast dishes that look a whole lot like dessert, and it came to me that during the night our blood sugar drops and so we wake up craving sugar to raise it quickly. Of course we all know that a quick rise in blood sugar also results in a quick nose dive later, and thus we are on the sugar roller coaster ride fighting the craving all day long. For me, eating more vegetables and lean protein is the best way to level off the roller coaster ride. Boring, I know, but so much more healthy. Life is enough of a roller coaster ride, my blood sugar doesn't need join in.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Regret is a very destructive emotion because it is focused on the past and what can't be changed, and there is nothing more depressing than focusing on what I don't have control over.  Instead it feels so much more energizing to declare that even a past mistake was a great learning experience and can make the present moment even better.  If I ever even begin to feel regretful, I will just make sure I am currently making choices right now that will undo any of that regret.  There I feel better already.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New York City Musicals

We just got back from a little trip to New York City doing one of our favorite things--going to musicals.  Here is a recap of what we saw with my amateur review.

 I can't tell you what the second half was like because we decided to leave at intermission.  I was excited to see Ricky Martin perform but the whole script was singing, which for us uncultured types, reeked a little too much of Opera.  Although I would have stayed trusting that the second half was easier to stomach, one of the other people in my entourage would have committed suicide if I forced him to endure the second half, so off we went to have dessert to salvage the evening.

I loved this musical.  The athletic dancing was incredible and the voices and acting equally phenomenal.  I thoroughly enjoyed this musical and would highly recommend it as electrifying and energetic as well as somewhat emotional entertainment.  I love it when the underdog prevails.  

I saved the best for last.  This was an incredibly funny evening and oh so entertaining.  Matthew Broderick was adorable and flawless.  This musical had it all--great scenery, costumes, dancing, voices, acting, and above all comedy.  This is a must see, especially if you like to laugh.  The script is clever and hysterical.  I would see this again.

Now you know what kind of entertainment I gravitate to.  No culture for me--just make me laugh.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Live in the Present

This saying says it well and is definitely something to think about.  I am working at enjoying the present moment because it really is a gift.  Now that sounds so serious so I have the urge to say something funny, but I guess I just feel too peaceful to be funny.  Namaste. 

Monday, June 11, 2012


I am someone who has high expectations of myself (it's called an Unrelenting Standards Schema), and I tend to have those same expectations of others.  This morning it hit me that although I can kindly tell someone that I would appreciate that they do something for me, it is so much better to just appreciate something they have already done for me.  It is something that I should also do for myself--focus on the progress I have made rather than the progress I want to make.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Church Callings

Gotta love being a member of a church where on Saturday I sing (it was a comedy performance sang off key, of course) at our Relief Society Summer Social, and then on Sunday give a talk in Sacrament meeting and also teach young women's.  In a lay-member church, they get pretty desperate for participation, but it offers wonderful growing experiences.

By the way, for anyone reading this that was there when I said in my Sacrament meeting talk that I am grateful to serve in the young women's program because the girls make it a burden and not a blessing,  I meant to say it is a blessing not a burden.  I was just impressed the six young women that gave me a hard time about my mistake were really listening that closely.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wait Upon the Lord

Today I am immensely grateful for this teaching that I should wait upon the Lord.  The word wait is defined, "stay where one is or delay until something else happens."  So I took that advice and waited until I received direction from my Heavenly Father before I did something that could have been worse than what I was experiencing.  On days when I wanted to give up or sometimes even get mad and get even, I would run across a scripture that talked about patience and long suffering, and I knew that if I endured it well that things could work out.

I have a deep conviction that I shouldn't rely on my own understanding or judgment, but continually rely on inspiration from my Heavenly Father who is perfect and knows so much better than I.  I know that "it ain't over until the fat lady sings," and so there will always be set backs and pain; but I also know that even through the pain, that life can be good.  Having had my own share of pain, I now know better than ever that there is always something good that can come even from the difficulties if I am patient. I have learned lessons that I wouldn't have learned in any other way.  I am grateful that I have a Savior that can make it all turn out right and continues to do so.

Friday, June 8, 2012


I get it.  Posting on my blog helps me to be better at keeping my resolves because I put in out there and thus feel more accountability.  I have some great friends that I walk with and the three of us decided that we are going to email each other our commitments and successes so that we can stay focused and accountable for our choices.  I did this once for awhile with an out-of-state friend and found that I was more focused and committed to making healthy choices each day because I had a chance to be accountable to, inspired by, and celebrate with someone. That connection with others creates a synergistic strength that working alone will never achieve. Thank you for reading and participating in this blog because it also creates a connection that empowers me. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Word to the wise. Don't ever do a google image search on the word correlation. Just a bunch of boring graphs show up and you will feel like you are being attacked by a statistics class. With that said, I realize there is a direct correlation (meaning, one activity is related to the other activity) between my over eating and lack of posting on my blog.  I haven't been writing on my blog and this little experiment has demonstrated the correlation.  Which comes first?  Lack of blogging creates a profound craving for sugar or does too much sugar kill my motivation to blog?  These are serious questions. Now I am starting with the assumption that if I blog first then my sugar craving will diminish.  So here it goes.  I am assuming that writing my blog creates a sort of satisfaction that left unfulfilled drives me to the arms of sugar.  That being said, it becomes apparent that spending time doing something else that I love to do can replace my addictive desire to stuff my face with sweets to fill the void. (At least I don't eat desserts wearing curlers)