Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get Organized First

If I ever have some sort of intense project to work on, I have to get myself and my home somewhat organized before I dive into the project. There is something about order and cleanliness that sets a foundation for more calm and directed thinking and creativity. It seems like my mind is divided if I know there is too much disorder, even when it is out of sight. I do, however, have to fight the urge to want to make sure the spices are alphabetized correctly before working on a project. I can get sort of neurotic that way but at least I realize it.

Even God started His creation with getting organized but He was able to do it with a little randomization, so I can still get organized but lighten up a little. Maybe I can even let the oregano come before the basil.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Birth and a Funeral

It has been an eventful week. We were able to greet a new girl grand baby and I attended a funeral for my Dad's oldest sister. It was especially touching as I realized my new granddaughter was given my name for her middle name. It made me think of the heritage that I pass on, and attending the funeral of my Aunt made me realize the heritage I inherited. What a emotional gift it was for me to be able to look in both directions in the same week and feel the gratitude and responsibility of the family we are born into and the family that we help create.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Choose Easy

I use to do a lot of organization classes and one of the main things that I taught that has helped me in being a homemaker is my mantra, "How can I make this work better?" You see, instead of calling myself lazy, I like to say I just try and choose the easiest and most efficient way to do something. Anytime I noticed that something was inconvenient or frustrating, I would wonder how I could make it work better? Asking the question gives opportunity for the creative answers to come. That is what is done in any business organization, and I always like to think I am running a business. The business of homemaking, and I am the CEO of our home (even though all my little employees have grown up and moved on to other organizations).

For example, having a lot of children close in age meant that I use to put on a lot of shoes. Instead of lace shoes, I would choose easy and have boots, pull on shoes, Velcro, etc. It was one of the ways I made it easier on myself.

I still need to remember that I can choose easy and instead of being frustrated by and complaining about something, I can do more problem solving because it is empowering and we CEOs need the power to become a Fortune 500 company even if now I am only a one-woman operation!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have realized that a lot of what I do or don't do use to be based on fear from past experience. For example, because my east-side window broke in an East wind when I was I young girl; out of fear of that happening again, I didn't want to put big windows in the East side of our home. As a result of a choice based on that fear, I don't have as good a view of our glorious mountains as I could have had.

I realize that faith and fear cannot coexist, and now I want to be more careful that I don't let my fear block out the faith and thus the view I could have based on that faith.

I have noticed that faith can be the foundation of a lot of great intentions. Like the intention we have to make our wedding plans joyous instead of stressful. Fear seems to evoke stress, but faith grows optimism and joy. Fear creates worry about people and their choices, but faith creates a belief that their journey will take them just where they need to be for their own growth. It just feels so much better to live in faith instead of fear.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding Plans

From 8:30 am until 7:30 pm my little bride to be and I spent the day making wedding plans and running errands for the big day. We are having such fun. We have decided that we are not going to allow stress to get in the way but are determined to make the journey as fun as the big day.

It makes me remember a lesson I learned from my brother years ago right before I got married. Our family was taking an extended vacation into Canada and down the East Coast in a motor home. We tried to see so much and seemed like we were hurrying from one stop to the next when my brother jokingly said, "Let's hurry and get this fun over with!"

Planning this wedding is so much fun, and we don't want to hurry and get this fun over with. We are going to enjoy the journey!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Young Women

At first glance, it would seem that I am doing so much good being willing to teach and serve in the young women's program, but no... I honestly get so much more from it that I could ever possibly give. I get to be with and love and be loved by 10 amazing young women and laugh and have amazing experiences together. It is crazy how I think I am doing something so good when in reality I benefit so much more from it than they ever could. It really becomes a selfish benefit to serve.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Touch and Go Landing Strip

The other day while I was hiking and then relaxing in the tub (two places where I feel inspired) and had some incredible epiphanies. Since I neglected to write them down, those thoughts have now left me. Darn it, I remember them being pretty awesome (trust me).

My mind works like a touch and go landing strip. Thoughts come and then they take off really quickly. Just like when I walk downstairs to do or get something and then think, "Why in the heck am I down here?" Now I have to write this random thought because I forgot some of the other good ones. From now on, I will write my thoughts down while they are still on the runway.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I find that when I blame other people for my heartache and unhappiness, I also tend to allow them to blame me for theirs. Either way, it just doesn't solve any problems and tends to make the problems worse. I am so much happier and find greater peace when I take responsibility for me and what I have done wrong or what I can do better, and allow other people to be responsible for their own. I have more power that way. Blame just gives away any power I can have to change because I can't change anyone else. Doesn't mean I haven't tried.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day of Homemaking

The other day I decided to stay home and actually be a homemaker. I cooked a pot of 12 bean soup (which I will be eating for another 12 days) and cleaned and organized. It really brought back a lot of memories of days when I had a house full of little children and it was easier to stay home and work because there was so much that had to be done at home. Now that I have more freedom and other interests outside the home (important things like lunch out), I don't spend as much time at home, and the other day I remembered how really safe and cozy it feels to be home. I loved it and now want to stay home more often and still enjoy homemaking. For me, it has been an amazing career choice, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to have that choice.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

If I Am Committed to Write It, It Will Come

People often ask me how I can come up with something to write about everyday. These must not be people who spend a lot of time with me and know that I am always talking. But it really is something of a miracle that I now enjoy writing as much as I do. In high school and my first life in college, I hated to have to write an assignment. It is only because of years of journaling that I discovered that I love to write. I have also found that when I make the commitment to write everyday that there is never a shortage of what I want to write about. Something always comes to mind. A little lesson in that if I decide to do something and make a firm commitment, then the rest is easier.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enduring to the End

Today I went hiking again on the hard path; and when I got to the usual place that I turn around and go back, I decided I would endure to the end. No, I wasn't dying, but I did continue up the canyon until I got to the water falls.

It was an interesting journey. Close to the falls, I ran into a couple who were confused as to which path to take. (No, it wasn't Alice in Wonderland.) Since it had been a long time since I went all the way to the falls, I became a kind of blind leader figuring it out as we went.

It made me realize that oftentimes we get to lead the way, and if I am going to be put in that position then I had better know where I am going. I also realized that being a leader is a unique opportunity to do be more diligent and determined to find the way and to endure to the end. Rounding the corner and seeing the falls was a great reward and an even better one as I came back and told my little followers that it was just ahead.

P.S. This is the actual picture I took today.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Truth: I Am Now Losing Weight

The truth has been, I am gaining weight, but today I am changing that to "I am now losing weight." Remember, I am what I say I am. I have realized that I have to be careful of saying, I am gaining weight because I will unconsciously continue to honor that statement, and man oh man, have I had fun eating all the goodies that will continue to make that happen!

The fun is over because the truth is, eating all that fattening food is only temporarily rewarding. I have to start looking at my long-term quality of life and since I don't want to have to purchase one of those lounge chairs that mechanically push me out of it, I will have to start making changes now and make those changes for good.

So now I will say, "I am losing weight weight." And why do I want to loose weight; because it just simply doesn't feel good to carry extra weight that I don't need and want, and it isn't healthy. Yes, there is a certain amount of ego in being thin, but the real motivation should be that I should want to take care of my body and make it as healthy as I can be so I can live a long and vibrant life.

So today, I am starting to lose weight and in order to do that I will drink lots of water, eat lots of colorful vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, fish and lean meats sparingly. As I eat healthy and have more energy, I will really have more fun than there ever was eating a whole bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon bears. At least I will keep telling myself that.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time Out For Women

Here is the link for the Time Out For Women website where my blog post is featured.

Purpose of Blog

If anyone has noticed, I have changed my subtitle of the blog defining it's purpose. In the beginning it was a journey of self-improvement. Recently, I changed it to self-discovery but I realized it is really my search for truth. I have found that as I search and align myself with truth, then I am automatically on a path of self-discovery that can lead to self-improvement. I have discovered that any journey for self-discovery and self-improvement that is not grounded in truth can lead down a wrong course. The scripture that says, "And the truth shall set us free" is amazingly profound. I have been praying for truth and finding tremendous freedom and liberation. I know that I had to have the wind knocked out of me so that I was willing to search and find my source of strength and the truth that will set me free.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time Out For Women

I have been notified that my blog post, "The Unmade Bed" is going to be featured on the Time Out For Women website.

Getting the Wind Knocked Out of Me

I talked yesterday about how my lungs got a work out on the harder path hiking and then about the deep breaths of truth that that lung cleansing can make room for.

I have found that it really is on that harder path that has knocked the wind out of me that has made room for the lessons I need to learn. Because of the gift of free agency and the fact that Heavenly Father always honors my right to choose, I believe that at some deeper level that I chose some of my difficult paths because I unconsciously knew that I needed the difficulty in order to have that deep lung cleansing to make room for greater lessons and deeper truth. I believe that was what Eve did. She chose a hard path because at some deep level she knew that we would all need to go through difficulties and live outside the perfect garden. Our Heavenly Father allowed her and allows us to make those choices that will at first cause pain but ultimately, with His help to overcome, be our greatest teacher.

With this understanding, it is easier to allow others their free agency and have faith that their journey will also be just what they need. I no longer have to worry, monitor, judge, control, or try to fix. I just get to try and be a good example, pray for, and love them.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Harder Path

When I go hiking up the canyon near our home, I usually take an easier way up but this last Saturday I took the hard way. It was amazing how much more my lungs got a work out. After the intense switch backs, I was breathing hard and coughing. It felt as though my lungs were getting a deep cleansing and being prepared to be able to breathe more deeply.

It is going to sound weird but now when I am writing or thinking something that is an enlightening truth, I have noticed that I take in a deep breath. I have gotten in the habit now of noticing it more often and after I write a sentence in my journal that rings true and in which I take in a deep breath, I will finish the thought by typing DB to signify when I spoke truth and took in a deep breath. It seems to help me take more notice of what is important. I mean, I say so much that isn't important that I need some kind of sifter.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Faith Took Over

Yesterday I was thinking about this last Summer when I watched a group of girls make the human knot and then struggle to work their way out of it. They were quite tangled and kept struggling, negotiating, and making various suggestions to figure it out for themselves. It was taking a long time and looked like they just weren't going to get untangled, and finally they were told that they could only have a few more minutes or they would have to quit.

At the very end, it was interesting how all of a sudden without anyone saying a word, they just miraculously figured out how to undo the knot. It was as if faith took over. In thinking about it yesterday, it also came to me that my life is a lot like that. I can think that struggling, negotiating, and making suggestions will work out the knots in my life, when it is so much better when I just let faith take over.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I was hiking the other day and I noticed that there was this small metal object poking out from the ground in the middle of the trail. Someone who traveled before who might have tripped on it themselves took the time to tie this blue marker as a warning. I was impressed with the thoughtfulness of taking the time to mark it to prevent someone else from getting injured. I want to be equally thoughtful. I think I will post a blue marker on a bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon bears as a warning to others, "Don't start, they're addictive!"

Seriously though, isn't it nice that we can be warned and learn from other people's mistakes. I am grateful for those people that will mark the troubled spots so those following can avoid them.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"The Help"

It took me long enough, but I finally saw the movie, "The Help." After reading the book, usually the movie is disappointing; but that isn't the case with this movie. For me, the movie captured even more emotions and inspiration. I came away truly inspired to be more courageous in seeking and standing up for truth and being more loving and validating. Everyone deserves to have a voice and to be told they are important.

I also came away with tremendous gratitude for all the creativity that went into the book and movie and the inspiration that is shared with all of us. It makes me want put my talents to better use. Now if I can only find them...