Thursday, January 27, 2011


After I pray for truth then I know that I must increase my awareness as I know that the truth will be manifested in so many ways all around me. For me, since I can so easily forget, it is important for me to write down what I have discovered so that it has a bigger imprint on my mind and spirit. My brain and heart are sometimes just a touch and go landing strip and so thoughts and epiphanies can just make a brief little visit and then go flying off never to be heard from again. I know that if I want that lesson learned to actually take up residence, then it helps for me to record it and let it get comfortable in brain and heart and know that that it is a safe place to stay forever. And hopefully, it will take the room that some other bum-like thought was occupying.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have been praying for truth lately and it is amazing what has been shown to me. Sometimes it is hard to see the truth about myself and could explain why I don’t often like looking in mirrors. I don’t want to see how bad I might look, and to be in denial seems easier.

I have experienced that there is a pattern in all things, and for me seeing the pattern in not wanting to look in a physical mirror has significance in not wanting to see my ugly spiritual, mental, emotional, and social self. Honestly, I have spent my whole life avoiding mirrors in public. Some of you might be thinking that I have avoided mirrors when I do my hair, which would explain a lot to you.

Sometimes that ugly part of me shows up in the mirror that Heavenly Father provides for me in other people. I have often seen something in someone else that is so much like me; and I have found that rather than condemn that person, that I should be grateful that Heavenly Father has provided me with that reflection of myself that I might learn from it and repent. I am going to be more aware of the mirrors in my life so I can see myself better and then fix my flaws and possible do something about my unruly hair.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pray for Truth

I am back with even more resolve and commitment. After a year of blogging, I discovered that my journey is actually one of self discovery not really self improvement. Self improvement will automatically come as I discover the truth and align my thoughts, beliefs, and behavior to that truth. My quest for this year is to become what my Heavenly Father wants me to be and in order to do that, I must continually pray for truth. We are told that if we ask, we will know the truth of all things. I will only go so far in that quest, however. I am not going to ask Kev if I look fat in these jeans. Actually Kev would be nice, it would be my sarcastic children that I wouldn't ask.

Since I have made my blog private and only those that have requested an invitation can read this, I am excited to make this a shared experience because I now know the selected few who are reading this. Let's come to know the truth together. Please always feel free to share with me the truth that you have discovered. I have a lot to learn.