Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Judge Not

The other day I sat by a teenage girl on a flight. She was very interested in talking and shared with me her difficulties because of her parent's divorce. I asked about her spiritual strength and beliefs knowing that it is an important foundation especially when going through difficulties.

She told me that she was born in the LDS faith but there are things that she doesn't believe in. I asked her what beliefs she struggled with and learned that it wasn't really the beliefs but she had been troubled by but the judgment of some of the members based on our beliefs.

It was a great reminder of how my unrighteous judgment can become a misrepresentation of the true gospel.

Having recently been on the judged side of some unfair judgment, and especially after learning of this young girl's disbelief of truth because of unrighteous judgment; I am more committed than ever to cut people slack and withhold judgment.

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