Tuesday, December 22, 2009

After seeing the movie Julie & Julia, I have decided to copy Julie's idea to do a blog a day starting with the new year. I also wanted to pick something that I am passionate about, but since blogging about eating yummy desserts won't be good for my new year resolution to get back to healthy eating, I thought I would go for my second love. Self-help books. Yes folks, starting January 1st I am committed to submitting a blog a day all about self-improvement. Wow, I can feel your enthusiastic anticipation. Stay tuned . . .

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I want to share some odd things that I discover that make my life a little healthier and happier and that might be something that could benefit others. Wii Fit has become my new friend and she tells me that my hips are stiff and so I started to sit on a balance ball while I am working at my desk. What fun I am having as I sit and rock, bounce, etc. and feel like it is giving me the extra movement I need. I would like to idealistically think that I look like the girl on the blue ball but am afraid that the other woman is more like the sad truth. Anyway, try it, you might like it.