Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Deep Learning

I love to read and when I read something valuable, I want to not only remember it but analyze and apply it. The best way to do that is to have a marking pen in hand so that I can underline and write my little comments in the margin. If you want to borrow one of my books, I usually can't let you or else you would learn too much about me. It would be scary.

Having my own little discussion with what I read, especially asking questions of how it applies to me, helps me learn on a deeper level. Looking up the definitions of words, even words that are common, opens up understanding at a new, deeper level. I also like to write in my journal especially making my commitments of how I am going to apply what I have learned.

I invite everyone to make their own comments about what they have learned. In doing so, it not only solidifies and deepens your learning, it opens up new ideas for everyone else.

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truss said...

I would like to write in the margins of your blog and underline things because I learn from you every day! I am very grateful for you.