Monday, April 26, 2010

Junk Beware!!

Here's my plan. I am using Don Aslett's sorting method and BRAVELY AND BOLDLY going through my house and clearing out clutter and junk. Anything that I don't absolutely love or that isn't needful is going to be tossed (let my family beware--you had better stay on my good side!)

How to Get Rid of Clutter:
Start with 3 large heavy-duty garbage bags and one box. Label them:
Dragging the bags and box behind you, systemically attack every room in the house [or apt]. Assign every junk suspect... to one of the bags or the box.
[Editor's summary: Take the contents of JUNK to the trash, the contents of CHARITY to friends, relatives, or a thrift store, and keep the SORT bag to resort a month later. Store WITHDRAWAL for 6 months to a year in a place where you can still get stuff from it if you want, and then give the box away without looking at the contents. If you haven’t needed the contents within that year, you won’t likely need it in the next, or the next, or the next...]

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Steph said...

I think you taught us this method in the ward awhile ago and ever since this is how I attack our junk too! I'm so glad you taught this to us, I love feeling clutter free, and it sure made moving this week a whole lot easier! :)