Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family Traditions

I am a big fan of family traditions and family get togethers. Talmage is home from South Korea where he spent the last year teaching English, and it feels so good to have everyone here close. Tonight we had a family dinner with our complete family that also included our tradition of teasing and the candy bar game where we collectively chant "three in a row!"

It has been found that children that have a certain place at the dinner table to sit tend to have a better outcome than those that don't, and it is interesting to watch our children scrabble to sit in their regular spot with little regard for where their spouses sit. (I guess the table sitting habit didn't guarantee thoughtfulness and courtesy)

In family studies they have also found that men can typically duplicate all of woman's roles except for one, and that is the work done to establish extended family connections through traditions. I am grateful to be a woman and mother and have the privilege of creating and maintaining family traditions. I love my family and the traditions that we share!!!

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Matt and Jade said...

I love this. Matt and I need to become better at making traditions.