Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plan Ahead

Having a morning schedule and a nightly schedule makes for better focus and makes room for more excitement in the middle. That is, if you can believe a middle-age women can have excitement. I can. It is just a tad different than when I was younger. In my teen years, finding a date was pretty exciting (actually pretty miraculous). Now finding my glasses is high on the list. Anyway, I have rediscovered that I am happiest when I am a tad busy. Not too busy that I feel stressed, but busy enough because then I am productive in all areas. Interesting thing that when I don't have enough to do then I don't hardly do anything. But if I have a planned and full schedule then I get more done in between the scheduled events. Success and productivity begets more success and productivity. I am committed to planning ahead and writing my plan in my weekly planner. I have found that there is something magical in actually handwriting the plan versus just typing it in my iphone.


yvonne said...

i know what you mean about writing down your plans. maybe it's our generation, but i like the feel of the paper and seeing it all on a page...not to mention the satisfaction of checking off stuff after i've accomplished it.

Linda said...

I wrote myself a little statement on my kitchen chalkboard. It reads: Linda: Read the Instructions.". Only I know what it means.... some people asked me what it meant... and I just chuckled to myself. I remind myself to read the scriptures... tome they are the instructions to pretty much everything that I need to do! When, ( and I do say that humbly) I do it... everything seems to fall into place. I love writing things down! Great post! Well put!