Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar addiction triggers

As in any addiction, it is important to identify and eliminate the triggers. As I tune in and am more aware of when I am craving sugar, I notice that both extremes of my eating habits are triggers. When my blood sugar gets too low from starving myself (this rarely happens as you can tell), and when my blood sugar raises too much after overeating, I am vulnerable to sugar temptations. Once again the principle of balance is key. The extreme in either direction makes me susceptible--under eating or overeating. That means, that instead of just saying no to sugar, I am saying yes to eating in moderation and eating often. I will keep that blood sugar in check.

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KT said...

That got me to wonder what triggers mine. For me, it's boredom, and trying to make something funner- I feel like treats need to be involved. I guess that goes w/boredom, but I was referring more to parties.
I tried to go 10 weeks w/out sugar this last summer, I lasted about 5 weeks and just went crazy. You can't have syrup, any punch-which is everywhere in the summer etc. I don't eat much desserts, but it's amazing where sugar is. In the dried mangos I love, everywhere.
Good luck!