Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reject a Belief

The other day in talking with a group of ladies that I usually only see once a year, we all agreed that it was hard to remember names and the statement was made by several of us, "I am not good at remembering names."

I then thought about a guy we met years ago that had a remarkable memory of people's names. I learned that his first step in being good at remembering names was simply that he believed he was good at it and would say that to himself, "I am good at remembering names."

This is just such a simple little example that we become what we believe we can become and how powerful our "I am" statements are. I am working at being more aware of my beliefs and what I say I am because that is what I will become. I am challenging old beliefs that hold me back and embracing new beliefs that open the door to greater possibilities. I am what I think I am.

I am skinny. I am skinny. I am skinny.

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Beth said...

Great idea. I am skinny too!