Monday, February 15, 2010

Cleanse the Star

So okay, I image Googled the word "cleanse" and it was pretty disgusting. So I will go with dejunking the star, which means that in each dimension of our lives, there is some cleaning out that needs to be done in order to make room for the good, new, and fresh.

Spiritual-get rid of sin.
Physical-cleanse the body with healthy foods and water (if you were curious, you have already image googled "cleanse" and know that it is pretty gross what might be lurking in your colon) Also dejunk my home, which is symbolic of hanging on to stuff I don't need in any dimension of my life.
Mental-get rid of negative, pessimistic thinking
Emotional-clearing out emotional baggage such as feeling sorry for myself "because I'm the only one that will, boo hoo!)
Social-Forgiving others and not holding on to grudges.

As I mentioned, I believe that what I do in the physical dimension becomes very symbolic of what I am doing in all the other areas. When I go through my house and clean out and get rid of stuff then it seems to affect the cleansing in other areas. I am going to do some more household purging at the same time that I let go of other negative things.

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yvonne said...

amen sister. i spent this entire weekend cleaning, sorting, organizing and dejunking and it's amazing how much better i feel emotionally. it's like i have cleared up room in my spirit for better things. which has propelled me to do better things with my time...decluttering that arena too. it's rejuvenating all around.