Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hair Style Set Point

In positive psychology research there is believed to be a set point of happiness in which we return to whether we have positive or negative experiences. For example, when a usually unhappy person wins the lottery, they will be happy for a time but will eventually return to their unhappy set point. Conversely, a normally happy person who is suddenly paralyzed in an accident will tend to be depressed for a time but then also return to their happy set point.

That is what I experience when I try to change my hairstyle. I go in and ask for a different cut and style, only to return to the old hairdo before too long. When people from my childhood see me and say that I haven't changed a bit, I realize it is not so much a compliment; but just a declaration that the hair hasn't been updated. Thus I have a hair style set point.

Now, is there a cure for this and especially the happiness set point? The cure is to be focused on a systemic, step by step process in both self-discovery and stretching myself in making changes and improving because of the tendency to go back to my comfort zone even if that comfort zone isn't that happy of a place to be. Wishing to be happier and healthier is just not going to cut it. It takes awareness, work and long-term commitment. I guess I still have a lot of work to do with my hair.


Lisa said...

Very interesting...the set point. It makes sense. I love your profile pic.

Courtney Allphin said...