Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keep Collecting-Don't Drop

Tonight I decided to go back and review all my posts to do a little inventory to see how well I am keeping the commitments that I have made thus far. My usual pattern is to decide to establish and practice some habit only to give it up when I decide to acquire another habit. (You know, like start the habit of wearing deodorant only to stop washing my hair) It is as if when I start gathering stuff in my arms, that the original items fall when I keep piling. I don't want to do that and so it is important to do a check to make sure that what I have collected so far, I am still carrying.

I am taking it slow and steady and focused on healthy balance. I am breathing better. I consistently drink water throughout the day and add lemon when possible. I say "I am willing" instead of "I should." I look for ways to feel gratitude instead of complain. I am much more aware of how I am feeling and my limiting beliefs and making changes where necessary. I have established morning and night routines that include each point of the star and that have made such a difference in my focus and motivation. I am planning my time and life is so much more eventful and meaningful. The side benefit is that some of my time wasters have just effortlessly been eliminated because the good has naturally crowded them out. Today I even went to a luncheon with an assortment of desserts and didn't even start shaking or feel tempted. I just focused on eating the healthy stuff and felt so much more energetic afterward. Maybe life will still be worth living.

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