Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's about time

I've put it off long enough. Now that Valentine's Day is drawing to an end, and I have had my share of binging; it is time that I tackle my sugar addiction.

When I Googled sugar addictions, my picture came up. No actually, I found an article about sugar addiction being stronger than heroine or tobacco addictions. It must be true, because I do know people that have given up heroine and tobacco for good but I have yet to meet someone that is totally sugar free. I stop then I start again, stop then start, then stop and start. The difference between the addictions is that even at a church function we have somehow condoned the heavy consumption of sugar. There certainly isn't anyone blessing heroine and tobacco to "nourish and strengthen our bodies," but we continue to believe that if we bless the brownies, cookies, AND red punch, that somehow they will "do us the good that we need."

We are in such denial. Let's face it, sugar only gives me a temporary high, just like heroine and the only thing it is going to nourish and strengthen are my thigh fat cells. It is time to bring in the interventionist and do some rehabilitation. I declare, I am NOT going to be powerless over sugar anymore! (Where are those chocolate covered cinnamon bears?)


Beth said...

Too funny, but true!

I have been trying to avoid added sugars, but it is very tough.

We need a support group

yvonne said...

i lasted a week, then figured having no sugar is greatly overrated. so if you want my advice...DON'T DO IT!!!

Tanya Garn said...

Yvonne, spoken like a true addict!

yvonne said...

yeah, but how fun is a skinny friend anyway.

Lisa said...

Can you next blog about salt??!!

Melissa said...

This life is to be enjoyed...not just endured. If sugar isn't the enjoyment... what the heck is? :)