Thursday, February 4, 2010

At the crack of dawn

My goal is to "sharpen my saw" first thing in the morning and be ready for the rest of the day by 8:30 am. Ideally, I want to do some yoga, some kind of cardio exercise and then weights to take care of my physical self. I also want to spend some time scripture reading and journal writing for my spiritual, mental, and emotional self. Finally, it is important to spend some time talking with Kev before he leaves for my social self. Now this is where I really can get neurotic. I have written a specific time schedule that helps me stay focused and especially helps me know the time to stop in order to fit it all in. But so that I don't turn into some kind of robotic nut (too late, you say), I am committed to use the schedule as a guide and not as my master. I have noticed that when I get TOO focused on outside rules and schedules that a certain up tightness creeps in and then I have to take a minute and take a deep breath and "tune in and tune up" to make sure I am doing what feels right. It is important to be flexible enough to make adjustments to maintain my peace of mind while still moving forward. It's all about balance, baby!


KT said...

Tanya! I didn't know you were a blogger, and here you are bloggin everyday. I saw your blog on Ashley's blog. I too have to have a schedule and hate when I get off track.

yvonne said...

hey...loved the picture! you know i think balance is one of the great lessons we are here to learn. i have been a task oriented person so much of my life and have tried to become more people oriented and finding balance is a real trick. i think your "star" is a wonderful way for me to work on all the dimensions of my life. i like having a schedule to give structure but not to define my day. tanya, i'm thoroughly enjoying your blogs. they always give me something to ponder.lucky me to have a friend like you. oh, by the way i'm actually doing well with my no-sugar challenge. but then it's only week one!