Monday, February 8, 2010

Self Awareness

For self-improvement, self-awareness is key. As I have mentioned before, tuning in and tuning up is vital. Tuning up is being close to our Heavenly Father and knowing His will for me and tuning in is being aware of my own needs,feelings, and beliefs. I want to be more aware of what is right for me, wrong for me, works, what doesn't work, what brings pain and stress, what brings joy and peace, etc. and then give myself permission to do that which brings joy and peace and less of that which brings pain. Even being aware of why I would gravitate to something that brings pain is important. Awareness is also important, just like in the joke, so that I know what I need to improve upon. Some of my best awareness is just to notice how uptight my body feels because it is a great indicator of my negative thoughts and feelings and that something just isn't right.


Linda said...

I had a silly dream that my storage unit ( which I am keeping only temporarily!) got entirely robbed. I was so happy! I am saying goodbye to some ol' stuff that I thought was of worth. I am feel less stress already! I guess I better get to know myself better?

Tanya Garn said...

Linda, that is so interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have been having some insightful dreams also. I guess if Heavenly Father can't get our attention when we are awake, He will do it when we are asleep.