Saturday, February 27, 2010


We have been watching the Olympics and I have been inspired by the thin and toned image of the athletes. Minus some of the bobsledders. A few of them look like they must be snacking while they are riding the sled down. Looks like my kind of sport.

Anyway, this reminds me of an experience I had years ago before I started to consistently exercise and had lost most of my muscle tone. One day I saw someone in the grocery store that had on tennis shoes with ankle socks and had toned legs and a small ankle. Since I was on my way to a cankle and all future suitors for my daughters would be scared away, I held on to the visual image and wanted to achieve that goal; and I believe that holding that visual image helped me become consistent at exercising.

Studies have been done with basketball players, for example, and they found that the athletes that just visualized themselves shooting foul shots performed better than the players that actually practiced making foul shots. The power of visualization is great. In the next few days I will identify the visual image that has inspired me in each point of the star.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry...I feel like I comment on everything you say! But everything you say resonates with me! I love your blog! Anyway, when I trained for my marathon, before I would go to sleep at night, I visualized myself running. I think it really helped.

Tanya Yates Garn said...

Lisa, I loooove your comments!!

yvonne said...

i am a great visualizer....especially in getting parking spots close to wherever i need. sounds pretty silly i know, but it really works. now if i could just visualize things that really matter like thin thighs.