Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't DIE-IT

I just started reading a book about the power of words, and it hit me that no wonder "diets" fail. The word DIE is in it so I am not surprised when I want to give up something that is death defying! So now I declare that I have just embraced a healthy way of eating that is rooted in my new belief that I am being good to myself. I know that it is important to not just change my behavior but I have changed my beliefs about food, my thoughts, and my feelings because all three components are necessary to fight the temptations that lurk at every corner. I now believe that Adam and Eve weren't tempted by an apple; it must of been a sweet roll because let's face it, apples aren't that tempting.

With that said, I realize how old habits and patterns hang on for dear life, and so it is important that I not depend on willpower alone. Because I believe that my physical health is important for my spiritual, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being then I know that my Heavenly Father cares about my success, and that He will help me if I ask.

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