Monday, March 1, 2010

Star Vision Board

I already talked about my physical inspiration years ago that motivated me to get in better shape. I decided to make a star vision board with pictures representing my inspiration in each dimension. At each point of the star is a picture and in the center of the star is the word "gratitude" because I am appreciative of my sources of motivation and inspiration. This picture is at the physical point.

At the top of my star is the picture of the book "The Hiding Place." If you haven't read it (run don't walk to get it), it is about two Christian sisters who were sent to a concentration camp for hiding some Jewish people. What really touched me was these two sisters love of the scriptures and their willingness to risk their lives to smuggle them in and read them in the camp. When I read the book years ago, I had to ask myself if I loved the scriptures that much; and no, at the time, I didn't. It became a goal for me to learn to value and love reading the scriptures. I have achieved that goal. Thank you Corrie Ten Boom for your example.

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