Friday, October 1, 2010

Generate Light

We have an amazing opportunity to be part of a documentary about the events 400 years ago translating the Bible into English, and last night we were priviledged to attend a lecture and tour about the history of that event. It was held at BYU and just walking the campus in perfect fall weather, rekindled my passion for learning. It was a fascinating evening and one statement that the professor made about their desires in making this documentary to bridge religious differences was that in our interactions with people of another faith that we should "generate light instead of heat."

I liked that. To me that means that we are open to being enlightened by other people's beliefs because all religions have something wonderful to offer. From my fabulous professor at the University of Utah, Dr. Herrin, I learned that when we are open minded enough to learn new information, that scientists have discovered that there is a literal light burst in the brain when we take in and understand new concepts and make connections with our own current understanding.

I am committed to "generate light instead of heat" and working to learn from others instead of defending.

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yvonne said...

i love that quote!! thanks for sharing the light you've received with all of us in cyberspace.