Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No End in Sight

You'd think that we could reach an age that we finally wouldn't worry about our weight and dieting. Do you think that when I get to be one hundred years old that I could finally let go and eat whatever I wanted? Well, today my sister-in-laws and I took their great aunt out to lunch to celebrate her 100th Birthday, and do you know that she ordered just a fruit cup because she said she had gained a pound from her celebration reception a couple of days ago so she wanted to eat light and lose that pound. I'm not going to lie. If I am out to lunch celebrating my 100th birthday, I am eating it all!!

But I have to remind myself that is why she is so healthy and looking like she is only 80. She has taken good care of herself. Her mind and memory is still sharp also. She asked me how my daughter is by name. What 100 hundred year old person would remember a great-great niece's name? Amazing. I guess I'll keep trying to eat healthy until I'm 100.

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yvonne said...

Ok, are you telling my that my bad memory is due to my bad eating....that's all I need. I'm heading for my bag of chips to deal with this new info!