Friday, October 15, 2010


It is rather obvious that almost every commitment I have made this year has to be recommitted to over and over again. Normally I would get frustrated and disappointed with myself, but I understand more and more now that that is just how life is--a continually fight against the natural woman.

After attending three funerals in a week and a half, I am taking a hard look at my star and "cleansing the inner vessel" in each point and replacing the negative with positive desires.

Spiritual-repenting of behaviors and natural negative tendencies that are out of harmony with the kind of person I want to be. Replace with being more in tune with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and acting accordingly.

Physical-cleansing of impure foods and cluttered and unattractive environment. Replace with healthy foods and beauty.

Mental-cleansing negative thoughts. Replace with positive self talk.

Emotional-getting rid of attitudes and emotions that bring me down instead of uplift. For me that some of my negative emotions are feeling sorry for myself and playing martyr. Replace with gratitude.

Social-getting rid of resentments and past hurts. Replace with love and appreciation.

I had better start now working on being a better person so someone can say something kind about me at my funeral. Today I did commit both my Stake President and Bishop to making sure my children read the talks I will prepare for them instead of coming up with their own; and so maybe I don't have to become better, but just spend all my time writing really pretentious talks.

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