Monday, October 4, 2010

Why didn't I do this sooner?

I had some of my grandkids over for the evening, and because they were begging for cheese while I was fixing dinner I decided to put out a plate of vegetables and ranch dip (lighthouse brand without MSG) while I continued to cook. They gobbled it up like candy. This idea was suggested in Jerry Seinfield's wife's cookbook for feeding kids healthily and also on Zonya's program and it is such a good idea.

When my kids were young, it was only something I did while we waited for pizza delivery. Why didn't I think of it sooner? With a house full of people who turn into bears when their blood sugar drops too low, it can be such a life saver. They get lots of healthy vegetables and I get peace while I continue to cook. It is some of these little things that can make life so much easier. I just need to continue to work smarter and problem solve instead of complaining out of frustration.

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Steve & Heather said...

I used to keep a smaller type of veggie tray in my firdge. The vegetables would already be washed, cut, and ready to eat. So when I was getting "the munchies" I would see it and enjoy a few pieces at a time.

Then I'd be getting my daily dose of veggies and filling my appetite with healthy food instead.

Thanks for posting this beacause it reminded me to do this again.