Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm just a broken record but here it goes again. Some problems are best solved by just simple things. After having terrible back pain the other day and following a massage and visit to the chiropractor,I had this sense that the back pain is because of bad posture. I think I suffer from Lumbar Lordosis. Hopefully not as bad as the picture (poor guy) but enough that it is creating problems.

Once again I feel like if I listen and tune in carefully that I get clues of what I need to do to heal. Either I can work at correcting my posture or just lay around letting people wait on me. Good idea! Nevermind, it isn't really Lumbar Lordosis, it is just a debilitating disease that requires complete bed rest for a year with a little bell to summons food. The only time I am allowed to do anything is shop and eat. I'll go tell Kev.

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