Thursday, September 30, 2010

Empty Nesters

Our baby moved out over a year ago. I was so sad about having an empty nest and couldn't believe that time had come so quickly. Well, that time didn't come then because before our baby left, the first of three married children moved in with us while they were waiting to get into new homes. One even came back a second time.

Now over a year later, we are now officially empty nesters, and my thanks go to all of our children because although we loved having them all here; I have to admit that after a year of hearing the beatings, crying, and smelling the dirty diapers in the garage, I am better prepared to accept the empty nest (kidding about the beatings).

This picture is also true to reality because although they have all left, they left a few of their "feathers" behind. Kids tend to do that--I certainly did. I think I left a bunch of dead corsages in my childhood bedroom closet. I needed evidence that I actually had a couple of dates.

Just like my post about Fall passing so quickly, I have to say that going into this new phase is an even bigger reminder of the importance of relishing each cycle of life because it goes by so quickly.

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