Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing

Too much or too little of anything isn't good. Right now I am thinking that too much storage area isn't a good thing just like too little storage can be difficult. Now that all of our basement dwellers have moved on to their own homes, I am doing some major dejunking, AGAIN! I tell you the stuff reproduces and grows in my storage areas. Actually, the problem is that we have too many places to store stuff because when we designed and built our home I wanted plenty of storage space, and so the big temptation now that everyone is gone is to accumulate and hang on to all that stuff.

But I am here to say that even if there is a place for it, continuing to hang on to stuff that I don't need is an energy zapper. Even if it is out of physical sight, it is still occupying space in my psychic and let's face it, I simply don't have the extra brain storage anymore. Each time I clean out I get a little more brave and free myself of more STUFF. I mean, who needs a stove anymore?!!

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