Saturday, October 23, 2010

I love Deadlines

If I could just know exactly when I am going to die then I think I might be better prepared because I thrive on deadlines. My usual habits include waiting to the last minute and if I don't have a deadline then I tend to procrastinate indefinitely. When I know I have a deadline then I work harder and faster. That is one of the things I love about anticipation. If I have something great I am looking forward to and have that time deadline, then I am motivated to get a lot done.

Not only do big deadlines work for me, but I find I work best if I have lots of little deadlines also. I am nerdy enough that I set little time schedules for myself because if I don't I can find myself still in my pajamas at noon mindlessly getting sidetracked from one unproductive task to another. It can get scary! Being an empty nester and a kept woman means I don't have as many time schedules so I have to create my own in order to stay productive. Go ahead and call me and we'll schedule lunch.

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