Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't look around

I recently posted a link to a talk on facebook by Marlin K. Jensen on difference and respecting differences, and then I made a comment about how important it is for me to listen to a talk and apply it to just me. Yes, I have been guilty of doing the old elbow slinging when I felt like someone else needed to listen up and heed the message, but in so doing I miss what just I am suppose to learn and do. I even remember a talk given in a recent general conference that contained a suggestion to not wear a wrist watch when attending a temple session so that I won't pay more attention to the time than to the spiritual messages that there is for me to hear and feel. For me, the real test comes if I can attend the temple and not notice who is being "disobedient" and wearing their watch. Once a hall monitor, always a hall monitor! I am committed to give up that elementary training.

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