Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time Management

When I was in elementary school I always got poor grades in the category "uses time wisely." I also remember my fourth grade teacher telling my mom that it didn't matter who he sat me next to in class that I would always talk. I was gifted at gabbing and frankly still am. I think at a young age I realized that social interacting was important; maybe more important than using my time wisely and doing school work!

Fast forward to the near present. After years of being somewhat indoctrinated that using my time wisely was some kind of magnificent achievement, I started to be a time management nerd and I think I switched my priorities. I became somewhat obsessed in trying to finally be able to use my time wisely to make up for my painful elementary failure. Thus I became an accomplishment addict sometimes at the expense of relationships. I even remember once turning down an invitation to go skiing so I could catch up on my ironing so that I could redeem myself and feel like I was finally able to make wise use of my time. (WHAT A NERD!)

Now fast forward to now. I am back to spending most of my time talking and not getting things done. I am ready to stop the pendulum swinging and get to a healthy balance. I know that time with relationships is a very wise use of my time but I also want to retain just a little energy for a few other accomplishments like combing my hair or maybe even cook dinner, but hey let's not take this too far.

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KT said...

LOL you just described Kimball's grade school experience to a T. I will now blame his aunt Tanya for why he has to talk to everyone!!
(I noticed I don't know anyone in his 2nd grade class, they will soon realize it won't matter..)