Monday, August 23, 2010

Moment of Truth

The other day I went into a dressing room to try on exercise clothes. In the dressing room was a four-way mirror and now instead of thinking I need to only loose 5 lbs., WHOA BABY, I was faced with reality and realized that I need to loose more like 15 lbs. Mirrors don't lie and I have been deceived in only standing in front of a single mirror.

It came to me how ingenious retail stores are. If they had the same four-way mirror in most clothing stores, I probably wouldn't buy anything because I would see how unflattering I look from behind. But in a store that sells exercise clothes, the motive for more mirrors might be different. I bet they are thinking that once I see myself and all the weight I really need to lose then they hope that I will want to exercise more and thus be willing to purchase more exercise clothes. It didn't work, I just got depressed and wanted to go eat a dessert to cheer me up! Ignorance is bliss.

In reality, this moment of truth has increased my determination and now I will set my new weight goal a little lower.

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Jessica Frye said...

Which store were you in? I'm thinking I need to purchase this mirror for myself!