Sunday, August 29, 2010


I tend to jump around but I want to go back to the MSG discussion. The need for excessive spices such as MSG is typical of our American lifestyle. I am certainly not pointing my finger at anyone else because it is definitely something that I struggle with. Let's face it, I have plenty of excess in my life--shoes, weight, bad habits, etc.

I have found that anything done in excess can lead to a sort of addictive tendency because it triggers a sort of euphoria that isn't really legitimately satisfying. Experts in addictions say that once the brain starts to get use to the excitement of excess, then it is difficult to be content without it and continues to crave more. Just like the excessive taste of salt in MSG leads to a tendency to overeat, so also does anything done in excess lead to a quest for more and can thus end in an addiction. True contentment only comes in restrained and balanced fulfillment. There is a time when there is enough of anything. Even enough shoes. I know that it is important for me to learn some restraint in everything.

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