Friday, August 27, 2010

More Study in Pain

Everything I do or experience seems to teach me something. I guess without actually have to go to school, I am still a student.

I just recently had surgery to close off a defective vein and to have the rest of my ugly varicose veins removed. It is another great lesson in pain.

Since the pain hasn't been too bad I am able to exist without pain medication, which is a good thing. (I now have an unused Loritab perscription that will now go to the highest drug addicted bidder!) Because I can feel all the pain then it can serve as an indicator of when I am doing something that I probably shouldn't be doing. It is just like a vet told me years ago when our dog had to have surgery. He said he didn't want me to give him pain medication because the pain serves a purpose and keeps him from doing something that could do more damage. The increased pain that I have felt when I just stand in place tells me that I should either walk or lay down, so I have spent a lot of time laying with my leg up reading or walking in circles in our home.

Let that be a long-term lesson for me. Too much of any kind of pain means I should do something different.

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