Friday, August 13, 2010


I realize I have always unconsciously wanted a bit of a challenge. I make such a mess when I cook (as best as I remember) and I feel like it is so that I have the challenge of cleaning it all up and the good feeling that comes from creating order from chaos. I also do that with my desk. I let it get really messy and then love it when I get it back into order.

I did enjoy having new babies and wanted a large family but I have to honestly admit that, in having six children I also created a challenge. Not in the same way that I mess up my kitchen; I mean, I didn't try and mess up my children, it just happened naturally. :-) Seriously though, it was kind of fun figuring out how to organize my home and life in a way that I could gracefully handle each new addition. (sometimes not so gracefully!)

But...this need for challenge can be a whole lot less painful and even more productive if I now channel it into something a little more beneficial (I am saying more beneficial than a messy kitchen not my family). Let's face it, getting thrilled out of cleaning my own disorder is just not THAT fulfilling and heaven knows I won't be having any more babies so that productive challenge is gone (literally).

So here was my challenge for the day. This morning when I took my dog on a run/walk, the route usually takes 1/2 hour but today I tried to run faster to challenge myself to do it in less time. That a good start. I need to continually challenge myself.


Lisa said...

For the last week or so when I come to your blog there is a little message from photo bucket over your words. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? I love your blog!

Tanya said...

I found out it is on everyone's. I think it must have been the embellishment that I had on the side because it disappeared at the time this little message showed up. I am going to have a have my computer literate son come and tell me how to fix it.