Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beautiful Thing

My herbal tea thought for the day is "Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing." That was perfect for me because so often I am always thinking about what I should be doing or what I need to do instead of enjoying the moment and realizing what I am doing at the moment is beautiful. It just came to me that a negative focus on the past can create regretful feelings and a negative focus on future can create anxiety. Also a resistance to enjoy whatever I am doing creates ingratitude and frustration. The cure is to relish the moment and make the best of it knowing that it will create wonderful memories for the future. I am committed to take a deep breath and feel the relaxing, joyful moments right at this very moment and feel gratitude for the beauty of it. Wow, that is a great way to connect to my Heavenly Father and my own spirit and feel such peace. I also felt so much tension in my body dissolve.

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