Friday, August 20, 2010


I am not very shy when I know people, but put me in a crowd full of strangers and I am quite intimidated. I can also be rather quiet and inward focused around people that I do business with. I am always impressed with some of my friends that have that unique ability to be outgoing with people they just meet or with casual acquaintances.. I remember meeting my friend Patty for lunch and being late as usual and there she was chatting it up with the waiter. I assumed she already knew him because of how outgoing she was being, but NO, it is just how naturally outward focused she is. It is something I want to be better at. Otherwise, my shyness can be mistaken for being stuck-up. (Is that just a high school term or does that exist in real life?)

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MamaPark said...

And I want to work on not being so out going. I need to be more reserved. I'm working on it. I exhaust people.