Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparations

I had such a blast preparing for Thanksgiving. I already commented on facebook how confused Talm was when he walked in the kitchen the day before and saw the tables all ready and me cooking. I have always been a gifted procrastinator and so to see me being prepared ahead of time made him seriously wonder if we were having Thanksgiving dinner that night. I do know one of the reason I don't start preparing too early is because I can get carried away the more time that I have to do something. I mean, when I started carving the butter to look like turkeys, I knew that maybe I have given myself too much time to prepare! I did seriously do something that I normally wouldn't have time to even think of, much less do, and that was I made name cards and on the inside, I wrote to each person something about them that I was thankful for. That was fun to think about.


yvonne said...

your home looks so cozy and inviting...who wouldn't want to just stay and stay!

KT said...

You are a good decorator, and cook. I really like the name card idea!