Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deep Learning

Unfortunately, in most of my school experience I was only taught to absorb a lot of information by memorization, and grades became my sole motivation and end result. It wasn't until my second college experience that I learned about deep learning and especially discovered it's value in studying the gospel.

Students, using deep learning strategies, constantly:

* look up the definition of key words for greater clarity and understanding
* try to find connections and links to prior learning and the ideas presented
* ask questions such as "How does this apply to my life and experience?" "How does this differ from what I have believed?" etc
* actively engage with ideas, concepts and theories by making goals for implementing
* reflect on learning by writing about the discoveries and the goals made

When I apply these strategies in my gospel study, my learning and application goes way beyond what memorization can do. I don't learn for a grade or even just to check it off my list, but I develop a love of learning and then that learning becomes applicable especially during trials. I love the concept of deep learning and hope to be able to encourage methods of teaching and learning that promote the kind of learning that changes how we believe, think, and act.

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Beth said...

Great insights, thanks!