Sunday, November 14, 2010

Molly Mormon

I want some feedback and so I want to motivate your response with a little incentive. For all those that make a comment by personal email to me or a private facebook message will be put in a drawing for a chance to win a pedicure at Sega Lily Day Spa. Whatever you do, please don't make your comment visible to other people for now so that your response won't influence someone else.

This is what I would like your feedback on. I want to know your own personal definition of a Molly Mormon and your own opinion about what you feel is good or bad about being a Molly Mormon.

Just so you know that there isn't a right or wrong answer but just what your personal definition and feelings are and what your experience has been.

You might wonder why I am interested. I am just doing my own little research to see how a definition of this term might be different based on varying experiences and thus how different people might view the same term. I wonder what kind of impact for good or bad these different definitions might have and how people's desire to be labeled as such might be embraced or avoided. I am also interested in what kind of impact it can have on the LDS church as a whole.


The Froerer's said...
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The Froerer's said...

How do you make the comment not visible to others?