Friday, November 5, 2010

Lesson from the Scriptures

This morning I had one of those epiphanies while reading the scriptures that changed a belief that I have had about the definition of the word "wicked." When I looked up the definition, I was surprised to learn that it is defined as mainly the poor treatment of people.

I have come to know, and this morning’s discovery in looking up the definition of the word wicked has confirmed it, that what I have learned culturally can be so different from what I can learn from scripture. I think that culturally it is easy to believe that smoking and drinking are very wicked, but this morning as I studied "the word" I have learned that treating people poorly is wicked. It is still important to honor myself by keeping the word of wisdom because it is just that--wise to be healthy. I will always keep that standard for myself because I know of it's benefit and that it is a commandment meant to protect me from physical harm and heartache. I just shouldn’t believe that it is necessarily "wicked" to go against the word of wisdom but just remember that I am being wicked if I am not kind and thoughtful.

Once again, I am grateful for the change in my beliefs and then hopefully my actions as I embrace the true meaning of words spoken in the scriptures. Today's epiphany helps me know where my focus should be.

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yvonne said...

i love the way you teach me. thanks so much for this new insight.