Monday, November 22, 2010

The choice is mine

I now have this picture on my phone background. It has taken a little over half of my life (I am living until I am 100 years old so I am a little over half way there) to realize that if I am going to really enjoy life it is up to me and no one else. Any time I waste trying to blame someone or anything else for the fact that I am not enjoying my life is a lame excuse to not really live my life to the fullest.

Now let's be clear--this isn't an "eat, drink, and be merry" kind of declaration, but giving myself permission to be good to myself in a way that I can enjoy life and still keep my temple recommend. One thing that I am crystal clear about is that keeping the commandments are just that--a way to really enjoy life. I am just rejecting all the stupid ways that I have held myself back from enjoying life at a greater level. I am also giving up any notion that someone else has done me wrong when in reality only I can do me wrong. It is not what happens to me that matters, but how I react. The choice is mine because I am a free agent. (YOU GO GIRL!)

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